JUL-955 Celebrating 10 years of marriage, the husband discovered his wife had sex with her best friend

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    Kenji and Kana met each other at a club in university, and both decided to get married. Kenji also has two close friends from another school, Yuta and Takashi, two close friends who have helped him a lot. On every wedding anniversary, Kenji asks Yuta for advice on buying a gift for his wife. And so his happy life happened. There were also times when work didn't go well and he got angry with Kana, causing her to leave. But after all, the two are still together. In his ninth year, Kenji was sent by the company on a long-distance business trip. He didn't want to go, but his wife convinced him not to miss this opportunity. Agreeing with his wife's advice, Kenji set out and lived alone in a far away place for a year. On the occasion of their tenth wedding anniversary, Kenji decided that he would not ask anyone else, he would prepare everything himself and propose to Kana again, thanking her for always being by his side, loving and encouraging him. Kenji also lied about not being able to return to surprise Kana. Nearing home, he was excited and nervous to see his loving wife again. Opening the door, Kenji suddenly saw two pairs of men's shoes standing in front of the door. When he went inside, he heard a very familiar man's voice. Opening the living room door, he was shocked, regretful, and empty when he saw his wife laughing naked in the arms of two close friends.
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