HMN-110 Discovered that the teacher was a regular customer of mine

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    Julia has been divorced from her husband for a while, and she has to work part-time to raise her daughter, who is still in school. Recently, the cost of living has increased and her part-time job is no longer enough to cover her living expenses, so Julia has to work part-time at a "home health care" store (Deriheru is a store that brings employees The staff comes to the customer's home and performs sexual stimulation services except lovemaking). Julia's guest today is an extremely rude and smelly person. She hopes to only meet him once. But ironically, at the meeting of the parents' association, the customer she least wanted to see again appeared! He also recognized her and after returning, he immediately contacted the store to make another appointment with Julia. He threatened to tell everyone at school about the work she was doing, her daughter would definitely be very disappointed. Julia has no choice but to do as he says, wholeheartedly serving the person she hates the most! Being overwhelmed by the water, he demanded to have sex with her, Julia couldn't refuse, and then he inserted his bare cock and released all his sperm inside her! And from that time on, he fucked her over and over again, even when he was at school. From the classroom to the hallway, the locker room... everywhere there were traces of the two people's intercourse. His big and hard cock quickly conquered Julia. Just being away from him for a short time made her feel uncomfortable. She took the initiative to meet him at school, dressed in the most slutty outfit and begged him to cum inside her!
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